How do I apply for The Low Income Ticket Program?

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  1. Be sure you have an updated and complete Burner Profile.
  2. Go to the Low Income Ticket Page once applications open at 12pm PST on February 13, 2019. 
    • We will stop accepting applications on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 unless we reach our max capacity before then.
    • Do not wait to fill out your application as we will close the program once we receive enough application
  3. Click on the link to apply to the Low Income Ticket Program. 
  4. Fill out your Low Income Ticket Application.
  5. Be sure to include as much financial documentation as you can, the better picture of your financial situation you show, the easier it is for us to review your application. 
  6. Submit your application! 
  7. Check your email within 24hrs of submitting to ensure you received an email confirming that we received your application. 
  8. Wait by your email with baited breath for up to eight (8) weeks while we review your application. We'll notify you if your application is approved or denied.
  9. If you haven't heard from us after eight (8) weeks of submitting your application, feel free to email us from the email address you used in your application at to check up on your status.