How do I sign up to buy a ticket through STEP?

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On Wednesday, April 25 201 at 12pm (noon) PDT, STEP opens to participants wishing to buy $425 tickets. You'll need to log in your Burner Profile to get in to the STEP queue for a chance to buy a ticket.

Once you're logged in you'll see a button that says "Register to purchase ticket(s)" under the "Sparkly Things" header on the right. When you are registered successfully the text will change to say "you are registered for STEP".  (
You will not receive a separate confirmation email after you register for STEP). 

When STEP tickets become available for you, we will send you an email with a link to purchase and you will have 72 hours to buy the tickets. 

If you are signed up for STEP but buy a ticket another way, please go in to your Profile and remove yourself from the STEP queue.

If you're certain you have not bought tickets but don't see the button to register for STEP, please contact us at