How can I know that the ticket I am buying is valid or real?

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The best way to know that a third party ticket is real and valid is to buy it from someone you know and trust. Before you buy a ticket from a third party, first check to make sure it is not listed as a ticket number that has been canceled or voided on our Voided Tickets & Vehicle Passes List. Please note that just because an order number or ticket number does not appear on this list does not guarantee its authenticity & validity.

Things to know about Burning Man tickets & things to look out for:

  • Burning Man tickets are mailed in June so no one will have a paper ticket in hand before then.
  • We absolutely do not have print-at-home tickets. Anyone trying to sell you a print-at-home or digital ticket is trying to scam you.
  • Each year we find people trying to scam would-be ticket buyers by asking them to send payment via Moneygram. Do not fall victim to this!
  • You are placing yourself at risk by buying a marked up ticket from eBay, craigslist, or ticket reselling websites such as viagogo, stubhub, and vividseats. When we discover tickets being sold for above face value we void them.
Ticket features:
  • Burning Man tickets have numerous subtle security features. Do not be fooled by a color copy with holographic sticker film around the edges. 
  • The imagery on the ticket is very crisp and detailed. If what you are being offered is blurry or out of focus it is likely a fake.
  • Burning Man tickets always feature an intricate emboss (a raised part of the paper that gives it texture). You should be able to locate this easily. If the ticket doesn't have a prominent emboss it's probably not real.
  • There is always different metallic foil on the back.
  • Each ticket has a unique QR code, with the corresponding information displayed next to it. Use a free QR code-scanning app on your phone to check that the QR reads the same info as is printed next to it.