How can I buy a third party ticket more safely?

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The safest way to buy a third party ticket is through the STEP Program or directly from someone you know. Second to that, your safest bet is buying a ticket from someone in your immediate community of Burners.

Before you buy a ticket from a third party, check to make sure it is not listed as a ticket number that has been canceled or voided. Voided tickets are not valid for entry to the event! Our voided ticket list can be found here: Voided Ticket List.

We absolutely do not have "print at home" tickets, we see these spoofed every year.

WARNING: Do not use cash, a wire transfer, or other payment methods that have no recourse if you are scammed. A very common scam each year if from a person who claims they are a true Burner and cannot attend the event, they ask for wire payment via Moneygram or other non-traceable method and will not accept Paypal. Don't fall victim to this scam! 

Other tips to help you protect yourself when buying a third party ticket
: don't be shy about asking the seller for a proof of ownership. If they bought the ticket from Burning Man they should have a receipt, a Survival Guide, a purchase confirmation email, something demonstrating that they own the ticket. If you can, get a copy of their proof of ownership. Ask to see their ID to verify they are who they say they are. Be extra observant during your exchange with them in case you need to recount details later. 

Please be safe!