What is a Vehicle Pass?

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A vehicle pass allows you to drive a vehicle into Black Rock City. Every vehicle entering Black Rock City is required to have a vehicle pass. Motorcycles and towed vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

Vehicle passes, which cost $80 plus fees, are designed to encourage carpooling and reduce the number of individual vehicles traveling to and from Black Rock City. They are often a shared expense amongst friends and campmates.

The good news? It seems to be working. According to the Black Rock City Census, in 2014 12.8% of participants arrived at the event alone in a vehicle. In 2015, that number fell to 10%. But to adequately 
address Black Rock City’s traffic challenge, we need to do better. 
Traffic is the greatest impediment to the growth and sustainability of Black Rock City, and hence one of the biggest challenges we must confront and manage. Of course, carpooling is just part of the solution. We continue to develop other shared transportation initiatives, and we encourage you to think creatively about how to take on this challenge, too!