How do I register for access to a ticket sale?

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To access any of Burning Man's regular ticket sales, you must first register for that sale. Each sale has its own registration period, and registration does not carry over from sale to sale.

Registration for sales takes place through your Burner Profile. If you don’t already have a complete Burner Profile, create one now so you can be sure you’re ready to register when the time comes.  

Completing your Burner Profile is a multi-step process:
1. Sign up for your account,
2. You'll receive an email with your temporary password and a log in link.
3. Use the link to log in and complete your Burner Profile. Your Profile is not complete until you have entered your personal information.

Some important things to know about Profiles & registering for sales:
• Creating a Profile is NOT the same thing as registering for a sale. 
• Once your Profile is complete you'll need to return during the stated registration period for the sale you want participate in and specifically register for access to that sale. 
• Registering for access to a sale does not guarantee you will be able to purchase tickets. 
• Registration is NOT first-come, first-served. When you register within the registration period does not affect your chances of getting tickets. You can register at any time during a stated registration period.

Please note: 
Registration for all of our sales is strictly one per person. Registrants discovered that appear to be duplicates, use email addresses from known disposable domains, or are variants of a single email address will have their registration and Burner Profiles canceled without notice. Any links or codes distributed to these profiles will be voided and will not work for sale access.