How to I transfer my tickets/vehicle pass into someone else's name using Ticketfly?

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If you purchased a ticket through Ticketfly, you have the ability to transfer items (tickets and vehicle passes) within your order directly to other people using the Transfer function within your Ticketfly account. It’s more secure for recipients — transfers are one-way, and once transferred, the recipient is the new owner of the item, and can interact with the ticket through their own Ticketfly account securely.  The recipient can transfer items on to others as well. 

General info about Ticket Transfer:

• Each eligible item in an order can be assigned to a different person.

• Eligible items: $425 tickets, $990 tickets, $1200 tickets, and $80 vehicle passes

• Eligible orders: any which haven’t yet entered the shipping process. 

• Provides security to the recipient because the transfer can't be retracted by the original owner. 

• No need for any other name change or authorization documentation, the recipient just needs their new confirmation email and ID to pick up their items at the Box Office. If someone has transferred you a ticket, you can find your order information on the transferred order in "My Orders" in your Ticketfly account associated with the email address used in transfer. Do note that a unique order # is created for the new owner upon transfer, so as the new owner, you'll want to have that information from your Ticketfly account before you arrive to will call! 

• A great option if a friend needs to pick up one of the items in your order but is arriving separately from you.

• Transferred tickets default to Will Call pick up from the Box Office of the event. The new owner can email to arrange payment for a shipping upgrade if needed before May 30th.  You will not be able to select shipping options/adjustments after May 30th, all orders transferred after that date will be for Will Call pick up. 

Here's a step-by-step of how to use Ticket Transfer:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Go to My Orders
3. Click on the order number from which you wish to transfer items.
4. Click the Transfer Tickets button to open the transfer view.
5. Select the items you want to transfer (ticket or vehicle pass). Each item that is eligible for transfer will say "Transferable" next to it. Click Next.
6. Enter the legal first name, last name and email address of the person to whom you wish to transfer your item and click Next.
7. Review the transfer details and select box next to Terms & Conditions.
8. Confirm the transfer by clicking the button that says Confirm. THERE IS NO OPTION TO UNDO THIS.

Repeat each step for each item you wish to transfer.

That's it! The person to whom you transfer an item will receive an email confirming the transfer.  The person who is receiving the transfer should also check in their Ticketfly account (the one associated with the email used in transfer) to see the newly transferred order listed in "My Orders".