2017 Ticket Information

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Full info about 2017 registration and ticket sales is available at tickets.burningman.org. Here are the highlights of what’s staying the same and what’s changing:

  • We'll have a Pre-Sale, a Directed Group Sale, a Main Sale, and the OMG Sale.

  • Access to all sales will once again require registration through your completed Burner Profiles (https://profiles.burningman.org/). Burner Profiles is your gateway to purchasing tickets, so dust yours off, update your information, and make sure you’re ready to go.

  • Tickets in most of our sales are $425 each (plus applicable taxes and fees), except for Pre-Sale tickets which are $990 each (plus applicable taxes and fees). As in 2016, there will also be a small tier of tickets available at $1,200 (plus applicable taxes and fees) each for those who are willing and able to offer support this way. $1200 tickets will be available in the Pre-Sale and also later in the summer directly though Burner Profiles.These are regular Burning Man tickets without any additional privileges or access beyond those afforded to $425 ticket buyers (e.g. entry to Black Rock City). You can’t pay more to get a ticket with any extra perks in BRC. ​​