How much will my order cost?

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Well, that entirely depends on how many tickets are in your order, if you've chosen to purchase a vehicle pass or not, and which method of delivery you've chosen. Here's how much your order will cost for our most common combination of items: 
  Quantity: Price:
Ticket 2 $425
Vehicle Pass 1 $80
Method of Delivery (USPS) 1 $15
Service Fees 3 $12
Nevada Live Entertainment Tax N/A $77.94

The NV Live Entertainment Tax price comes from 9% of $425, which is $38.25. We have to multiply that by two since there's two tickets in the order, which comes to $76.50. Then we have to add 9% of $8 of the $12 service fee on both tickets, not the Vehicle Pass service fee though. This gives us $1.44, which we then add to the $76.50 bringing us to $77.94 in NV Live Entertainment Tax fees. 

I hope this helps explain how much your order will cost. If you have further questions about this, please feel free to email us at